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Youth In Action! Availability Options

Weekly --> Program Visits

        We are looking for around 10 youth (between ages 14-20) to serve as Youth Community Leaders at NAZA funded programs. YCLs must be able to attend weekly (or bi-weekly with program permission) NAZA funded program visits where they will lead activities and collaborate with middle school youth to create community/school/or program based projects. YCLs will also meet with the larger Youth In Action team monthly to share progress and receive any necessary support from NAZA's Youth Advisor. The team will collectively plan and hold community events and conversations that aim to elevate youth voice in Nashville. A stipend will be paid monthly. We will also host team building retreats and professional development sessions of YCLs interests/ choosing. 
**(July 2023-June 2024)** **(Paid $75 per month, assuming 6-7 hours of work per month)

Monthly --> Engagement with the Youth In Action! group's city-wide planning
        We understand that there may be barriers with transportation or other time commitments such as jobs or volunteer work, etc, but we still want to include as many voices as possible in this work. We are offering monthly engagement for those who may find weekly to be too much. Monthly members can attend Youth In Action's monthly team meetings and participate in planning city wide discussions, projects and events. Youth at this capacity are able to join in on professional development sessions or retreats, and log their hours as volunteer time. They will also receive a certificate as a YIA member (along with all other weekly members), however stipends are not offered. 
**(July 2023-June 2024)**

General Interest in Youth In Action! Events and Newsletter
      Offered for those who are already involved in many things and do not have enough time in their schedule to commit to anything regularly. By including your name and contact info below, you are expressing interest in hearing about any upcoming events held by Youth In Action or related to youth leadership. You may also receive our newsletter with updated YIA information. 

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